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3-in-1 & Path Trainers

$4.99 to $19.99

Map out any path down the lane and shoot around the discs. 

Round - 6 pack: ​4"- 6" dia
Oval - 9 pack: 2 to 3"x 3-4" 

3-in-1: (6"-7" diam) 

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​Balance Trainer


Place your foot on the Balance Trainer and work your core and legs to maintain balance. Increase the challenge by swinging the Swing Trainer or Power Trainer at the same time. 

One Size: 7-9" diameter
Power Trainer

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Feel Trainer

$29.99 & $34.99

This tool helps the bowler to understand and practice the feel of the bowling ball rolling off the fingers. 
Strengthens fingers, hand, wrist and forearm.  

 Available in two sizes:  
4" (1.5 lb)
5" (3 lb)  

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Power Trainer


Works all the key elements of balance, leverage, and power. Use them in pairs for amazing results.  

Available in four sizes/weights: 
XL (7 lb)
L (6 lb)
M (5 lb)

Available in child size: $39.99
S (3 lb)

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Swing Trainer


Warm up. Work on a gravity fed swing, without grabbing or muscling. 
Available in four sizes/weights. 
XL (5 lb)
L (4 lb)
M (3 lb)

Available in child size: $29.99
S (2 lb)

Package Deal: $175.50 

(Regular Price: $194.96)

XL Swing Trainer, L Power Trainer
4" Feel Trainer, Axis Trainer

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Axis Trainer


Learn to vary the speed and axis you place on your ball by using this tool to perform drills.  Watch the video to see how it's done.

Available in one size

Feel Trainer
Axis Trainer
Swing Trainer
Path Trainer
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Rev Trainer

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Rev Trainer 


Use two handed or one handed, create revs and see ball motion.

One Size

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Release Trainer


Learn the feel of snapping the wrist at the point of release and strengthen the fingers, wrist, and forearm.

One Size: 
4" Diameter
Release Trainer
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Balance Trainer
Our patented tools have been created for coaches and athletes.  
The unique design helps to build consistency into your game through improved form, balance, and strength.
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