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Feel Trainer (Fol Ball):

Great athletes have great feel and for years people have said it could not be trained. We have proven that theory wrong - here's the product that will prove it to you.

 Available in two sizes:  
5" (3 lb) $36.99
​4" (1.5 lb) $29.99

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Axis Trainer (Os Block):

This tool provides the immediate feedback we need when we are training and monitoring transitional moves. A bowler can't avoid transition no matter what environment they are in and the "Os" block makes transitional training fun.


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Swing Trainer (Kiik Pin):

The "Kiik" pin does what nothing else can do. Use this tool to create the perfect gravity fed swing, and identify and remove grab points. 
Available in four sizes/weights. 
XL (5 lb) $64.99
L (4 lb) $59.99
M (3 lb) $ 54.99
S (2 lb) $31.99

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Power Trainer (моќ Orb):

This tool works all the key elements of balance, leverage, and power. It also gives you immediate feedback on hand positioning.  Use them in pairs for amazing results.  
Available in four sizes/weights: 
XL (7.5 lb) $79.99
L (6.5 lb) $74.99
M (5 lb) $69.99
S (3 lb) $64.99

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Path Trainer (Vojo Disc): 

These rubber discs allow you to map out any path down the lane and shoot around the discs. This is a great skill training exercise and gives immediate feedback to the bowler.  

Available in the following packages: 

3 Pack Regular (5"-6" diam): $39.99
6 Pack Regular (5"-6"diam): $59.99
9 Pack Regular (5"-6" diam): $79.99
6 Pack Mini Ovals (2"-3" diam): $39.99
6 Pack Mini Rounds (2"-3" diam): $39.99

3-in-1 Path Trainer
(Path Trainer, Spare Ball Holder, Additional Weight for Pin!)
(5"-6" diam): $14.99

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Pin and Orb Weight Chart:
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Julie Oczepek and Ryan Ciminelli with their Mok Orbs!
  Skills Development Tools 
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Julie Oczepek with her Kiik Pin!