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We're a family business - and we're bowlers!

Eileen's Bowling Buddy is dedicated to helping grow the sport of bowling by creating tools for athletes and coaches. We've given over $200,000 worth of product too coaches, schools, and youth programs to help promote the sport of bowling. People say it all the time, but the kids truly are our future and we want to do everything possible to help coaches help kids!

Our tools aren't just for kids - they work or every level of bowler. 

We have worked with many different coaches to understand issues they are trying to solve and to create tools to target those issues.  
Our line of tools provides bowlers with so many options to practice skills without ever picking up a bowling ball. Historically "practicing" bowling meant bowling and reinforcing the bad habits over and over. 

Our tools help you build muscle memory and improve your skills.

The tools are latex free, suitable for left or right handed use, and they come in various weights to be used by every age and every ability of bowler. Our products go well beyond just bowling - 
physical therapists seek our products to help their patients recover from various injuries and surgery. 

Every aspect of bringing our tools to market is managed by us; we have patented the products, created the molds, purchased the raw product, hand-poured each and every tool, and dedicated our lives to creating durable and effective skill training tools for bowlers. We hand-make all of our tools in our manufacturing shop in Holiday, FL;  every tool that pops out of our molds is a unique and functional piece of art, we have the ability to make tools in custom colors and.  

We believe in quality and durability - and we believe in results!  

Eileen is Rex's mom.  She passed away in 2011 from cancer and we named our business after her.  We get to talk about her all the time because people always ask, "who's Eileen?"- it keeps her alive and well in our hearts and she is the forefront of our business.  Everything we do here is dedicated to her memory and her high standards for quality, treating people fairly, and just plain doing the right thing. 

Rex's parents, Bob and Eileen, enjoyed bowling and encouraged their kids to bowl when they were young. They were always supportive pillars of strength, helping their kids become the people they are today.  We are forever in their debt and will forever strive to live up to the values they instilled.   

Eileen's Bowling Buddy
These are exciting times for bowling!  I have worked with many great coaches who have helped me refine and grow my line of tools. I've learned more in the last few years about bowling than most people learn in their entire bowling career.  And I'm sharing it all with you!  Watch my videos and see what you can learn. 

In the past 12 months, at the age of 55, I have had multiple 700+ series and 299 games, and one sanctioned 300 game. With the help of great coaches and the use of my tools, I have grown from a 190 bowler to a 230 avg bowler. My goal in the coming year is to do more sport pattern bowling and to grow my game even further. I love this sport and I am driven to improve my game.   

I'm just a regular guy trying to help bowlers with my skills development tools. I appreciate all the people along the way who have helped me - and I appreciate your ongoing support. Starting a business is difficult and expensive, and I have invested my life savings into my mission to help bowlers bowl better.  

My wife Sandy and I feel very blessed to work in the sport we love and we want to make a difference.  We hear success stories every day from bowlers and coaches, and we would love to hear yours!  Connect with us on Facebook or give us a call! 

Start truly training to bowl and see the difference it makes in your game! 


Rex Byron
Eileen's Bowling Buddy: Inventor, Manufacturer, and Owner
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