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As a golfer and a bowler, our founder Rex Byron, recognized that golfers had all sorts of tools to help them with their golf swing and help them practice their skills off the course. He wondered why, after all this time, no tools existed like this for bowlers - so he started working on ideas for tools to help bowlers improve their skills. He made the tools to help his own game, and when they worked, he made it his mission to help others.

Historically, the only way for bowlers to practice their bowling skills was to bowl more games, often just reinforcing bad habits acquired over years of bowling without proper coaching. Rex himself tended to "chicken wing" his swing, with his elbow out and muscling the ball. He asked a well-known coach once, "What should I be doing to help fix my chicken wing?" And the coach answered, "Use your tools more!"

The tools Rex created helped to resolve his swing problems and he improved his average by more than 20 pins, bowled several 300 games in practice, and ultimately bowled his first sanctioned 300 game. He worked with many great coaches who provided input and feedback, and he developed the first line of rubber tools to help coaches work more effectively with their students. Finally, coaches had the tools they needed to help their students feel the concepts they were trying to describe. Students were able to understand the concepts more clearly and they achieved results faster than ever before. The tools have changed how bowling coaches teach the sport of bowling and how bowlers practice their bowling skills.  

Eileen's Bowling Buddy is dedicated to helping all bowlers, regardless of how many years they have bowled, understand the mechanics of the sport of bowling and develop the skills needed to execute properly in order to repeat their shot and achieve success.  

At Eileen's Bowling Buddy, we love bowling and we are here to help you improve your game.

Thank you to all the coaches who have inspired us and who are using the tools with their students! And thank you to all the bowlers who invested in themselves and took a chance on some low-tech tools that changed their bowling game forever. 

We appreciate all of you! 

Eileen's Bowling Buddy