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We're a family business - and we're bowlers!

Rex and Sandy Byron founded Eileen's Bowling Buddy - they both bowled for many years (decades!) before they started their business. They named the business after Rex's beautiful mom, Eileen, who passed away from cancer in 2011. Rex's dream was to make a difference in people's lives. When he invented the first Swing Trainer he knew he had something that could really help people. His enthusiasm and passion for understanding and deciphering the intricacies of bowling drove him to develop a line of tools targeted to help bowlers improve specific skills. Rex passed away in 2017, it was a devastating loss to his family and friends, and to the bowling community. 
Sandy, with the help of her son, Cam Blazek (another long-term bowler), 
continues to manufacture the tools and run the business. They are a family of bowlers and they love the sport. 
Sandy and Cam continue to keep Rex's dream alive and well - 
through his videos and the tools he invented, Rex Byron will continue to help bowlers for years and years to come.

We give back to the sport.

Eileen's Bowling Buddy is dedicated to helping grow the sport of bowling by creating tools for athletes and coaches, and has given over $200,000 worth of product too coaches, schools, and youth programs to help promote the sport of bowling. People say it all the time, but the kids truly are our future and the future of this sport - Eileen's Bowling Buddy wants to do everything possible to help coaches help kids!

Our tools aren't just for kids - they work or every level of bowler. 

Through feedback from coaches, Eileen's Bowling Buddy has created tools to help solve common problems bowlers face, regardless of age or average. From the basics of the swing to the intricacies of the release, the tools provide effective training and undeniable results.

We believe in quality and durability - and we believe in results!​

Eileen's Bowling Buddy manages every aspect of bringing the tools to market; they have patented the products, created the molds, purchased the raw product, hand-poured each and every tool, and dedicated their lives to creating durable and effective skill training tools for bowlers. All of the tools are hand-poured in the manufacturing shop in Holiday, FL.

Eileen's Bowling Buddy
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