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Pin and Orb Weight Chart:
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Pin or Orb that's just right for you! 
  Featured Skill Development Tools 
Julie Oczepek with her Kiik Pin!
Fol Ball

This tool helps teach feel, train your fingers and improve your accuracy with this ball.  Watch the video to see how to use the ball.

 Available in two sizes:  
5" (3 lb) $36.99
​4" (1.5 lb) $29.99

See The Video
showing how to use this tool:
Feel Trainer - How to
моќ Orb

Works all the key elements of balance, leverage, and power. Use them in pairs for amazing results.  

Available in four sizes/weights: 
XL (7.5 lb) $79.99
L (6.5 lb) $74.99
M (5 lb) $69.99
S (3 lb) $64.99

See The Video 
showing how to use this tool:
Mok Orb - Balance and Power
Kiik Pin

Warm up. Work on a gravity fed swing, without grabbing or muscling. 
Available in four sizes/weights. 
XL (5 lb) $64.99
L (4 lb) $59.99
M (3 lb) $ 54.99
S (2 lb) $31.99

See The Video 
showing how to use this tool:
Swing Trainer - How to
                (Vojo Disc)

Map out any path down the lane and shoot around the discs. 

Available in the following packages: 
5"-6" diameter: 
3pk: $39.996pk: $59.999pk: $79.99

2"-3" diameter Mini's:
6pk (oval): $39.996pk (round): $39.99

3-in-1 Path Trainer:
(5"-6" diam): $14.99

See The Video 
showing how to use them: 
Basic Path Trainer Overview
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Brad Angelo
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Tyrel Rose
Jordan Vanover

Os Block

Learn to vary the speed and axis you place on your ball by using this tool to perform drills.  Watch the video to see how it's done.

Available in one size, colors vary:

See The Videos 
showing how to use this tool: 
Part One: Speed & Revs
Part Two: Axis & Tilt
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